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PROGRAMMES 2018 - 2019
1. UNDERSTAND YOUR BEHAVIOR SEMINAR                               
    July 6 – 8                                       (For People of all Religions)
From the time we wake up till we go to bed, we keep behaving.  Every behavior is intentional and motivated from within. Nevertheless, failure to understand our behavior can lead to problems in interpersonal relationships and we may not get what we want. So do you want to understand your behavior?  Join this seminar and understand why you behave the way you do.    
(Registration Fee:  Rs. 200/- Course Fee: Rs. 1000/-)
   July 20 – 22                             (For Laity, Priests & Religious)
We are wounded to various degrees. Some of us are healed of our wounds, but those who are not, go about hurting themselves and others. This retreat is aimed at helping the participants to heal their inner wounds, thereby infusing greater inner freedom, peace and power.
(Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- Course Fee: Rs. 1000/-)
3. COURSE IN BASIC COUNSELLING SKILLS                                 
   Aug 04                                    (For People of all Religions)
Counselling skills are an effective tool in the hands of parents, teachers, social workers, and those who are involved in the helping profession.  Keeping in mind the need of the hour, Atma Darshan has designed a 20 module counseling training program to empower the participants with skills and knowledge in psychological counseling.  This course runs through the year, from August 2018 to May 2019.  The classes will be held twice a month on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.  The subsequent modules will be decided in the first module on 4th August 2018.         
(Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- Course Fee: Rs. 5000/-)
(Resource Persons: Fr. Henry D’ Souza, Ph.D & Team.)
4. FAMILY AND COUPLES RETREAT                                        
    Aug 17 – 19                        (For Couples and Families)
Present day families are facing issues and problems which the parents feel, they are unable to handle by themselves. The weekend family and couples retreat is aimed at bringing together the parents and children for an encounter through sharing, dialogue, and prayer and deal with issues such as communication, conflicts in relationships, generation gap, family spirituality etc., which in turn brings healing and well-being in the family life.  

(Course Fee: Rs. 1200/- per person)

    Aug 24 – 26                          (For Laity, Priests and Religious)
This weekend retreat is a unique experience of deepening the Jesus experience through the Word of God and applying it to one’s life situation. The retreatants will be guided to dialogue with the text to discover the hidden message God has in store for them. The talks will be supplemented with inspiring Biblical audio-visuals.  
(Resource Persons:  Fr. Valerian Fernandes SVD & team)
(Registration Fee: Rs.200/- Course Fee: Rs.1000/-)
6. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE                                                           
  Aug 31 – Sept 02               (For People of all Religions)
Modern research has shown that Emotional intelligence (EQ) is highly correlated with leadership, success and psychological well-being.  Good news is that we can develop EQ and enhance our relationships and happiness. This seminar workshop is intended to help the participants to manage their emotions and develop interpersonal relationships.         
(Registration Fee: Rs.200/- Course Fee: Rs.1000/-)
7. ABUNDANCE OF LIFE RETREAT                                        
   Sept 09 - 15                                    (For Priests and Religious)
Priests and Religious, through their ordination and consecration to Christ are called to share in the life of Christ, who alone has abundance of life.  Through their ministry, they in turn become channels of God’s abundant life to other people. Nevertheless, in the course of one’s consecrated life, one could lose the fullness of life and become empty and void. This retreat will help the priests and the religious to become aware of the blocks and rekindle the spark of life in order to be effective in their ministry.  
(Registration Fee: Rs.500/- Course Fee: Rs.3100/-)
8. STRESS MANAGEMENT                                                         
   Sept 28 - 30                                    (For People of all Religions)
Stress is a common problem that affects people in every walk of life at some point of their life.  Knowing, when we are under stress, what is stressing us, and what strategies we use to deal with stress can help us to handle stress effectively and maintain our well-being in every circumstance.  This weekend seminar teaches the participants to handle stress effectively.      
(Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- Course Fee Rs. 1000/-)
9. EMPOWERMENT RETREAT FOR WIDOWS                                 
   Oct 05 – 07              (For Widows)
This retreat aims to empower those women who have lost their spouses, to journey from helplessness to power, despair to hope, and loneliness to participation.
(Resource Persons: Lorna D’Souza, Maryanne D’Mello, & Atma-Darshan Team)
(Registration Fee: Rs. 300/- Course Fee: Rs.700/-)
10. NLP PRACTITIONER COURSE (Basic)                                           
     Oct 21 – 29                       (For People of all Religions)
With NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you can relieve phobias and traumas, resolve inner conflicts, change life-long habits, and unwanted feelings.  Besides, you can create inner positive feelings, build new beliefs, and model your own excellence on others you admire. This eight day certificate course is aimed at empowering the participants to claim their own healing and of others.     
(Resource Person: Prof. Clement D’ Souza; Registration Fee Rs. 500/- Course Fee Rs. 9500/-)
       Oct 24 – Nov 03              (For Priests & Religious 25 years in Religious Life)
Religious and priests are called to give themselves in love and service. However, as we go through our consecrated life, it is possible that some of us get stuck and others lose the original dynamism.  The ten day renewal course is aimed at energizing the spirits through psychospiritual modules, so that we can carry on our mission with renewed strength and enthusiasm.  
(Registration Fee:  Rs. 500/- Course Fee: Rs. 5500/-)  
12. LEADERSHIP RETREAT                                                                   
      Nov 05 - 11                          (For Priests & Religious)
Leadership is an essential aspect of being a religious or a priest. Consecrated people are called to be animators of communities and institutions, after their model and leader Jesus Christ.  Present day leadership is in crisis everywhere.  It is challenging to be a leader in today’s world.  This retreat is aimed at empowering religious and priests to be effective leaders in their communities.     
(Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- Course Fee: Rs. 3100/-)
13. COUPLES AND FAMILY THERAPY                                               
      Nov 12 – 16                      (For People of all Religions)
Family Therapy workshop aims at equipping the participants to be effective in helping people in intimate relationships. Participants will learn the theory, skills and techniques to recognize and build on peoples’ strengths and relational resources. The method of training consists of lectures, case discussions, and role-plays. Apart from psychologists, the course is also beneficial for formators and those involved in pastoral ministry.  
(Registration Fee:  Rs. 500/- Course Fee Rs. 3000/)
(Resource Person:  Fr. Jacob Mulavurikal, Ph.D)
14. HOLISTIC WELLNESS MEDITATIONS                             
      Nov 16 – 18                      (For People of all Religions)
During this weekend program, participants will learn skills and techniques to shed the toxins from the mind and body to enable the smooth flow of energy through the meridian lines, to calm and relax the mind, to experience inner peace and harmony to meditatively move towards the realization of their spiritual self and experience the divine within.  The participants will be helped to discover and experience various forms of meditative practices.  
(Resource Person: Fr. Ittoop Panikulam, SVD). (Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- Course Fee: 1000/-)
15. HEAL YOUR HURTS RETREAT                              
      Nov 23 – 25                      (For Laity, Priests & Religious)
In the course of our life’s journey, we are hurt and wounded by people and circumstances. Some of us carry the hurts of our early childhood, which keep contaminating our present behavior.  Healing the wounded inner child is the only way to find our life’s happiness and inner freedom. (Registration Fee: Rs.200/- Course Fee: Rs.1000/-)
     Dec 07 - 10                    (For people of all religions)
Holotropic Breathwork is a method of accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness in the service of healing and learning. Through accelerated breathing combined with music and focused bodywork, participants in Holotropic Breathwork gain access to levels of awareness that are not normally in our scope of consciousness. This method enables the participants to gain insights into themselves and connects them to their inner core, thereby enabling them to lead a fuller and integrated life.  
(Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-; Course Fee Rs. 3000/-)
(Resource Persons: Fr. K.C Thomas SDB & team)
17.    NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER LEVEL II                  
         Dec 11 - 20                     (For People of all Religions.  Eligibility: NLP Practitioner Course).
At the NLP Practitioner (Level I) you learnt how to create a generative change in individuals and groups. The NLP Master Practitioner (Level II) takes you to a higher level of skills, technologies and methodologies, such as
*How to take an emotional and physical journey into your life and get rid of unwanted emotional baggage.
*How to reach Wellspring within you.
*How to find unconscious filters that determine thinking patterns and how to use them to build up good relationships and other areas like recruitment.
*How to model excellence of others and installing it in yourself.
*Conversational change work: How to use language in Change work and negotiation skills.
The participants will go through personal Breakthrough Sessions and experience inner freedom.  (Registration Fee: Rs. 500/-; Course Fee Rs. 19,500/-)
(Resource Person: Prof. Clement D’ Souza))

18. GUIDED RETREAT                                                                
      Dec 26 - Jan 01                  (For Laity, Priests & Religious)
Our perennial problem in life is how to intervene in our life processes and personality patterns so that we live a more meaningful and effective life. This individually guided retreat would offer participants an opportunity to search for new beginnings with the help of qualified and experienced retreat guides.  
(Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- Course Fee: Rs. 3100/-)
19. KNOW YOUR PERSONALITY SEMINAR                         
     Jan 11 - 13                         (For people of all Religions)
Do you know your personality type?  Do you know what makes you different from the others?  Do you know why you behave the way you do?  These are some of the questions that will be answered in this seminar.  Participants are helped to understand their personality types, which in turn will enable them to better their interpersonal relationships and find satisfaction in their career.      
(Registration Fee:  Rs. 200/- Course Fee: Rs. 1000/-)
20. VIPASSANA MEDITATION                                                                   
     Jan 16 – 27                  (For people of all Religions)
Also known as insight meditation, Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques. It aims at the highest spiritual goals of total liberation and full enlightenment. It is an art of living, which eliminates the three causes of all unhappiness: craving, aversion and ignorance.
(Resource Person: Authorized Vipassana Team (Igatpuri) starts at 4pm, Jan 16 and ends 8am, on Jan 27; No Registration Fee; Course Fee: Voluntary Donation)
21. HAPPINESS IN LIFE RETREAT                                                      
     Feb 01 - 03                      (For Laity, Religious & Priests)
Happiness need not be about circumstances, physical health, financial success, or even the people in our life. Modern research and traditional wisdom indicates that happiness is not what happens to us; but it is about, who we are and how we define and identify ourselves.  Happiness is a choice one makes.  This retreat draws from Biblical teachings and psychological research and attempts to work out with the participants, a way towards authentic happiness.
(Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- Course Fee: Rs. 1000/-)
22. FAMILY AND COUPLES RETREAT                                              
      Feb 15 - 17                       (See Course No. 4 for details)
      March 08 - 10                  (See course no. 2 for details)  
24. LENTEN INNER HEALING SERVICE                                                       
     March 23                          (For Laity, Priests & Religious)
25. GUIDED RETREAT                                                                             
      May 05 - 11   (See course no. 18 for details)  
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