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Dear Fr. Henry,
Thank you for a very enriching Emotional Intelligence workshop this weekend. Each one of us came here with an expectation to resolve our own personal issues and emotional blocks, to deal with the situations in our lives in a more resilient way. All of us had a unique and positive experience and I am stringing together the views of everyone in the group in this lil note.....From the time we arrived, we appreciated the little details, the hospitality, the clean rooms, the very delicious food :), the planning, your punctuality and your seamless organisation of the sessions. The content was a great mix of the intellectual and the spiritual. The mass and meditations centered us with a sense of peace, while the rational models of how EQ actually works gave us implementable tools and techniques to carry home and use. We experienced some real 'breakthrough' moments as we gradually began to reframe our own situations and see them differently! Your crazy sense of humour was totally appreciated :), it broke the emotional heaviness which we were carrying and the dancing and the singing made happiness and joy an experiential reality. And yeah, all of us in the group, especially the ladies (kidding!) ;) felt a bond of genuine love, compassion and fellowship with you and each other. The outcome has been greater self awareness and self-esteem and an authentic sense of empowerment and control over our challenges and situations. So thank you once gain Fr. from the bottom of our hearts to you and your entire team. We are looking forward to implementing all that we learnt and are also keen to attend more of the workshops and retreats at Atma Darshan.
Our very best wishes and prayers to keep this good work going!

Sabina D’ Silva

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